Road to the Spring Fashion Show

March 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today I worked primarily on my trenchcoat outfit for Emerson’s spring fashion show. I somehow managed to complete it within 8 hours from sketch to outfit;

This was the sketch I drew a few weeks ago. Today I visited the local fabric store and bought an enormous batch of houndstooth weave cloth. I had originally intended for the fabric to be patternless, but this was TAN houndstooth. So I went for it (=

I set out the patterning fabric on my dorm floor and used a highlighter to trace.

After which I cut it and pinned it on the mannequin (who my roommate and I have decided is named Gary- the Androgynous Mannequin) to get some idea of how it would look.

cut the fabric and draped it

Had some technical difficulties along the way )=


And managed to  work my way to semi-completion! There are stil some things left for me to do on this look- clean up the seams a bit, make the basic, light blue dress which will be visible from under the trench cutaway, and make some cuffs. It’s been one crazy, insane, exhausting day, but at least now I can understand all of the craziness that goes on in shows like Project Runway- this stuff is a lot harder than it looks!


This was my first time ever sewing anything beyond doll clothes (which was in middle school, for the record), so I guessed most of my way through- and it worked! Fake it ’till you make it, my friends (=


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