Wanna hear a joke? Freshman Interns!

May 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Summer’s here already, and honestly I’m shocked this year went by so quickly.

So my next order of business now? To find an internship to carry my time over the summer and avoiding the all-too familiar summer lazies- definition; doing jack squat with more than three months of freedom.

I already have a number of offers, including a small B-to-B company and an even smaller start-up, however what I really want is a big-time internship at either Arnold or Jack Morton Worldwide. If you are familiar with the marketing world these are two North-Eastern based companies based in the U.S who have global accounts and reputations.

so what’s holding me back? Enter: being a college Freshman

more than a few companies are Freshman intolerant, meaning they take a single look at my resume, see my graduationyear, and proceed to laugh in my face.

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“let’s take a look at this here: participation in a Senior capstone class, participation in a national marketing event hosted by AAF, wow you look pretty cut out for this position. What’s this? Graduation year 2015? AHAHAH. No.”

And it’s not like it’s happened once, either

It’s happened at least FOUR times

So what’s an overly ambitious freshman like me to do? Be persistent like no other.

I am convinced that one company had had enough of me when I happened to meet their recruiter in person at an internship fair. Our conversation went something like this:

“Hello! Are you a [company X] representitive?”

“Yes I am. What can I do for you?”

“Well I have been trying to get in touch with you guys for the past three weeks because I would love to intern at your company!”

“you’re that Freshman, right?”

“uh- what?”

“I’m the company intern recruiter, and you called and emailed me”

“oh really? Good to meet you in person!”

“Okay, well we don’t hire Freshmen”

“not even if they have the experience of a seasoned Junior?”

“not really” 

“I’m a member of the American Advertising Federation, I’m a business owner (willeditforcoffee.com, by the way- check it out!), I have designed an entire campaign for the student activist group Students Against T Cuts, I have a minor fashion line, I  …”

“good day, Melanie”

“er…lovely to meet you, too”


does anyone else see something wrong with this?

If you are the head of a big-shot marketing company, I will gladly stick my neck out for you. As long as you provide me with lots of real-world opportunities and root beer.




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