In Memorium; Living on Through your Work

May 9, 2012 § 1 Comment

A recent tragedy has hit my family, shaking us to the core. The death of this close relative simply shocked us; while we were aware of some of the difficulties he and his family were experiencing, we hadn’t expected it to end quite like this.

Even though he was a DJ and lived in the Southern U.S while I am up in the North, our families kept in contact often and my mother had even made plans to have dinner with the family a month in advance. A month later, and we receive the news of the tragedy. He was gone before I cold ever see him again.

Thinking back, I thought about the loving person he was, a fact that he built into his business and life on a daily basis. Whenever our family was in need of a DJ, he would always come around, putting us even before paid clients. His business wasn’t a business, it was a passion. One day, I hope I will be as fortunate as he was to have a job that means so much.

People like him are the reason for my ambition- they are the encouragers who dare us to challenge ourselves and grow. I remember he was even responsible for my early pursuits in marketing. He had encouraged me to work on the website for his business, LPR productions, my first stint at local marketing. I would create, and he would critique. This was back in the early days of internet when I was about 7, so no matter what I made it looked horrible. Regardless, he complimented my work and was extremely patient as we worked together, building the foundation brick by brick for his passionate work. I would only understand his love for his work as soon as I began my own company, Will Edit for Coffee, doing exactly as I did for him; building it brick by brick, code line by code line. He is partially responsible for putting personality into business as I knew it. Only a great man could build a business like he had.

It is individuals like my cousin who live on through their work and their love of everything they do. For the past three hours since the news, my house been a kind of grief-counseling center. I knew he touched many lives through his work and life, but I didn’t realize exactly how many until the phone calls came  flooding in.

My cousin DJed at many of my major parties throughout my life- my Bat Mitzvah at 13, my sweet 16. I worked with this man, who selflessly dedicated hours into his work, a job as lively as he was. When I told my friends what had happened, they were shocked; although they did not know the man himself, they knew that he was at the apex of so many good memories. They had been at the parties he had DJed at, and they knew him for his talent, fun-loving, and giving attitude, which he put into every single one of his events. They remembered him.

He lives on through his work, through memories, and through the love of our family who miss him dearly.

Rest well, Lee Rosoff, businessman extraordinaire


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§ One Response to In Memorium; Living on Through your Work

  • Howard Salden says:


    I read about Lee in today’s Globe. I’m so sorry to hear about this. I grew up in Randolph and knew Lee since we were little kids. He was a great kid who was funny, always smiling and willing to do anything for you.

    He will be missed.

    Howie Salden

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