The McDonalds Effect

May 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

As anyone with a Facebook page will attest, building a Facebook fan page is essential for marketing to the current generation of consumers. Normally, these pages have positive feedback from their viewers, who have “liked” the page in order to show their brand loyalty. It’s like this for a lot of brands.

One severe exception stands out: McDonalds

look up the McDonalds fan page on Facebook and prepare to be stunned. In an almost laughable way, people take time out of their day to insult the new product lines and especially the new “commitment to freshness” campaign. That’s right- consumers are becoming fans of McDonalds just to hate on it. Here’s a screenshot of their newest hate-fest, the “Happy Meal Chefs Contest.” Aww, encouraging children to explore their hidden potential as chefs, right?


Example A: that last comment; ” you make people fat no I dont like you.” I couldn’t have given her a better reason to like their page!


Okay, so maybe their business model is a bit broken. Or just really broken. Horrifically broken?

Just take their “McD stories” twitter campaign. As a trending topic, McDonalds assumed that people would tweet things like:

“Yeah! Just got news of my promotion as I took my first bite into my McFillet with extra onion and pickles! #McDStories”

instead the company got responses like:

“McDStories…a nice juicy Filet o’fish. With added worm. Still alive. Nice. Never again,”


“Found a dirty band aid in the bottom of take out bag..McDStories”


At this point in time, McDonalds bashing might as well be considered a legitimate sport. And they’re not the only ones getting absolutely torn apart on social media.

Take Walmart for example: considering their horrible spoken reputation, it doesn’t get any better online.

Comments on their latest post about their “Steak-Over” campaign ranges from “get off of my Facebook!” to  “the last meat I got from walmart was so bad Sammy wouldn’t eat it!” Owch.

And yet, they manage over 15,498,771 likes at this very moment.

What’s the difference between Walmart and McDonalds?

While both fall flat (er, or maybe even dipping underground) in terms of consumer approval, while McDonalds lets their customers essentially spank them into submission, Walmart actually RESPONDS to their customers.

They ask for customer feedback on their page, and when negative feedback shows up, they respond immediately.


Now how about they do something about


I swear, if I see one more picture of people making pointlessly dumb decisions in Walmart, I’m going to make you listen to me sing God Bless America. Sung badly. And really loudly. In public.



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