Facebook’s New and Improved, “Oh So Subtle” Advertising

May 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Breaking news: Facebook is getting uglier by the minute!

Just when you thought that the website couldn’t ugly-ify its advertising anymore, they managed to do it again.

Not only do profile now include side banner ads, but they also include full-blown, flashing banner ads, like the kind that peppered sites in 1999. And they’re everywhere now on profiles.

What makes this ad-ification even more wonderful? Facebook enabled users to create a neat little niche for themselves on the internet, allowing them space to build their own personal brand.

What adding blatant spam ads does is the equivalent of giving your child a new playhouse, only for them to find that it is built out of cardboard and lint-roller sticky tape.

image credit Movie Online inc.

“deal with it”

Here’s the thing; Facebook obviously had good intent (more so for themselves than anyone else), but it was executed horrifically. Simply put, business marketing 101: spamming user pages with paid advertising will not help you make friends, Facebook.

The last time I checked, the most effective way to advertise on Facebook was through word of mouth enhanced through social media. I am studying Marketing Communications, but hey, what do I know?

After all, Facebook used to be committed to bringing all of the social network without all of the ads to avoid becoming another Myspace

As a marketer worried for the brand image of this company, I have to wonder oh Facebook, what were you thinking? The company has already more than abandoned its vales, it has done the equivalent of dropkicking them into a city dumpster.

So what’s an internet megacorporation like Facebook to do?

Here’s one thing to start with- remove the banner ads, those invasive and irritating banner ads that are now at the top of everyone’s timeline because honestly, people don’t enjoy competing with per-click ad space for room to self-express.

Secondly, allow users more room for personalization, without going overboard. The company has long lost its “your own very special corner of the internet” feel in favor of a cookie-cutter profile that allows for next to no personalization beyond your name and picture.

And lastly, give me $100 per Facebook post, an executive seat on the board, and some pink fuzzy dice to put on my car mirror. That’s the most important part.

But not really.


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