How to Sell Anything in Under Five Seconds

May 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Have you ever seen something and just wanted to buy it? As in something you have never even seen before but seem immediately attracted to.

I’ve experienced this before and I’m positive that you have. For this post, I’ll call it the honey effect- it’s that golden warm feeling when a brand suddenly connects with you above all odds.

It’s the drive that causes us, like bees, to drove towards the sweet substance because it looks good. In fact, whatever the item is, it looks deliciously attractive.

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Example A: this object looks so delicious, I think it’s worth a taste

Alright- maybe not always literally. But, it’s that feeling of gratitude when something, it can be simple, even like a box of cereal in the store, draws you in for the sheer perception the brand creates of their product.

It’s like an unexpected work work of art in the middle of a salvage yard, and that feeling of wow, this really is gorgeous. I am going to take it and hoard it forever in my secret den in the mountains.

I had this sudden attraction when earlier this week I received a perfume sample in the mail,  called Flora by Gucci. I am not sure if any of you have been following this line at all, but literally every part of their advertising for this line is stunning.

And the mail I got from them was equally as gorgeous. It came in a simple white envelope with Gucci written on the front.



For whatever reason, whenever I come in contact with that name, it’s usually in context with rap stars and- er, pimps.

Until this came in the mail:

Gucci Flora samples

Where’d the rap star go?

What I got was not a card, was not a picture of a woman in provocative clothing, but a full miniature catalogue showcasing three perfumes next to beautiful images inspired by the scent.

honey effect– I ripped out the samples, looked at the effort that it took to compose this piece of art, and was sold.

It was that beautiful moment when the brand and I connected. They had not only targeted the right customer, but had gone above and beyond expectation through their attention to detail.

In the greater scheme of things, this was a “nothing” event- have you heard about the man who won the “sell a red brick” contest? He presented not only the beauty of the brick, but also the role of it in the scheme of life; it could be sold to anyone, and a chance to own an object which had built civilizations from the ground up. He pointed to the elephant in the toom, the bigger idea- the brick as a small step to greatness. He knew the inner beauty of his object, and he let it be his purpose.

Know your customer, show them the  beauty of your brand at the highest denomination, and defy perception. This, my friends, is how to sell anything in under five seconds.


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