Don’t Let Them Touch Your Nails

May 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

In light of my trip to Texas within the next few days, I decided to go ahead and give myself a manicure; D.I.Y style, of course.

You might be asking yourself “Melanie, really, this is dominantly a marketing blog. Is it just me, or does this topic of nails have nothing to do with anything?” You’d be right, but as I filed my nails into nice little rounded squares, I realized the seeming parallels that this small act had to everything that I have been striving for this year.

Striking internships, extending myself through clubs and activities, and challenging my perceptions of the impact I, and my generation, could make on the world of marketing itself.

Two words: self made

We are the innovators looking to make one change, big or small, to improve on the world we have been given. So, we start at the bottom with ourselves and work up.

I would try to make this comment literal here, but something smells funny. Literally.

Past innovators can only give us so much, and it is our job to expand upon it.

Enter: the “Don’t Let Them Touch Your Nails” philosophy

Look at your nails right at this moment- what do they say about you? Are they plain, manicured, or D.I.Y press-ons?

If you answered with one of the first two, you are merely taking what has been pre-fabricated for you. By all means, I do not condone a nice manicure every once in a while, and leaving your nails to rest from months of overuse isn’t a bad idea either.

Certainly, you can have a professional pamper your nails, but don’t let them define you by their standards. And if you don’t believe me, it happens- I once got acryllic nails which many people told me they liked on me. I didn’t like them much, I had expected something magical to happen, or for them to be inhumanly perfect after paying the salon what I had. But no magic or rainbow unicorns here- they just looked so average. Thus, I started working to paint my own nails with the same skill the nail techs had. But I had something they couldn’t give me- dedication and confidence, alongside visual difference.

Even the minor details count, especially when it comes to expressing yourself outside of the box. What many individuals in our generation have began to do is make the D.I.Y glamorous through personalization. And we’re not talking Lisa Frank stickers here, either.


We not only look different, but we feel different and more ready to build onto the world before us.Taking the ordinary and making it so much more. It’s kind of like straying from the lines in the coloring book- but on this playground, we encourage it!

Build who you are from the ground up. Get a french manicure and watch how the nail technician shapes and paint them. So many people get paid to do exactly what they do- driven by pay and not by love. In the same way, shape not only your nails, but also your life; and do it with love.

Although this literal and figurative shaping may take time to perfect, work on it; others will see what you have made for yourself and spread your message through word of mouth and passionate work.

The outcome- look incredible, feel incredible, be incredible. This is the difference that visual differentiation can make through mental differentiation.

And perhaps maybe one day I will let you do my nails. Then, we can conquer the world!


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