The Business Book Compulsion

June 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Lately, I have found myself spending nearly every spare second of my free time reading like there’s no tomorrow. And it’s not just any genre of novels which has suddenly entranced me, but rather the genre of business novels.

Most recently, it was the blogging novel “Say Everything” by Scott Rosenberg (a must for anyone entering the blogosphere for the first time), before that it was a top-to-bottom read-through of the classic textbook “Introduction to the Principles of Marketing”, and before that the novel “Knockout Entrepreneur” by George Foreman himself.

It hasn’t even been two months since my summer vacation began, yet if my GetGlue check-ins are correct, I have sped through over five novels, or roughly one per.  week. Freakishly enough, this means I have not only just free-read more books than I have during two yers of highschool combined, but get this; I haven’t even tired of the genre yet.

Actually, quite the opposite has happened. Maybe it is because this summer is my first without some kind of required reading built in, or perhaps it is a result of at last what I consider to be my calling, business and marketing, and simply cannot get enough of it.

Or maybe, I am just going crazy, which is an entirely viable possibility.

Actually, change the words “viable possibility” to “undeniable certainty”

However, this novelistic obsession seems to follow a common trend in my life- throughout my childhood and adolecence, whenever I became thoroughly engrossed in a topic it completely consumed my reading focus.

I can recall some point early in my phase of fascination with Ancient Egyptian culture when my mom told me the elementary school librarian took her aside to tell her my reading tendencies were “atypical” of a child my age:

“she told me ‘she never reads books outside of those about Ancient Egypt. I have never met a child who centered on a single subject like that”

Apparently, the librarian futiley suggested to my mother that I go ahead and read a fantasy book, or an early reader chapter book. My mother found the woman’s drive to coerce me to fiction hysterical, and even encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing.

The result? Whenever tv specials about Tut the boy king would come on TV, or our class took a field trip to the museum of natural history, I would end up correcting my tour guides on the aspects of Egyptian history they had gotten wrong.

“you freak”

In fact, I had drilled the material so far into my memory that years later even after my craze ended in 6th grade, I didn’t study for a single test in the Ancient Egypt chapter in history class because I already knew it all. Just like some kind of freaky sponge.

But the moral of this story is- even if you become a target of ridicule for your extreme interest in business, marketing, or whatever field you pursue in life, just as my mother told me as a kid, keep doing what you are doing.

I cannot empasise enough the importance about reading about your career even on your days off- it will help you immensely, and although it might come with a small stigma initially, your “Freakish” ability to rattle off the history of the founding of Facebook at will will someday be in your favor.

Although, in all legitimacy, if you attain a fascination with something like Ancient Egypt in reading, I don’t suggest changing your shopping habits as a result of it. I literally have two life-sized statues from my Ancient Egyptian phase in my room right now, and they are taking up the overflow space for all of my business books!


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