Facebook, Mobile Conglomerate

June 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

When Facebook acquired Instagram in April, the general reaction was “there goes Facebook, out to save itself by buying out its competitors”

While there is some truth to the opinion that a dying Facebook is trying to save face by buying out the closest threats (see what I did there?), they have also been on the path to doing something more- saving themselves by taking their eggs out of one basket and dispersing them into others.

It’s kind of like Easter all over again. Conglomerate style.

This is the Facebook conglomerate Easter bunny. Don’t trust that look on his fuzzy little face.

So what does this mean in places like the mobile market? After all, Zuckerberg has been considering taking the popularity of smartphones into his own hands (literally) by considering creating a Facebook phone. 

Facebook has also bought out two up-and-coming apps: Karma, the instantaneous gift-sending app, and Glancee, the creepiest thing since Foursquare.

So what this means for mobile, my friends, is that Facebook can already imagine you picking up your Facebook phone, which through its Facebook apps will allow you to not only become friends with the nearest stranger within five feet of you and buy them a gift on command.

Oh yes, I can see it now.

It looks like this

But maybe, just maybe this is the way that things are moving. I move into my home under a rock next week, and you are invited to join me.

No Foursquare allowed.


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§ One Response to Facebook, Mobile Conglomerate

  • We are being led to the water… the question is will we drink it? For years Google has been trying to wire things up like this and failed. Facebook has constantly stretched the envelope and we have pushed back. They need to drive revenue, but that is the result, not the objective. We’ll soon see if they have it right. If not, there are lots of rocks to go around…

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