the Apple iNomoly; a Double Standard

June 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Apple; beacon of all things innovative and different.

Am I right?

Yeah, in 1985.

Also the year that hotpants were in

Alright- so I am absolutely not smashing apple. I am the proud owner of a Macbook Pro and iPod Touch; I just revere it in my own way. That way, being not for how currently”innovative” the brand is, but rather for the changes it has made throughout the history of computing as a whole.

They made home computing cool and a must-have for the new millenium, providing innovative devices which made technology more than an aspect of life, but a platform for life. But then, they froze in their tracks.

This is to say, I am inclined to believe that over the past few decades, Apple as been slipping from its formerly indie, innovative platform into something well, more standard.

In 1985, owning a Mac made you an oddball in the infancy of the personal computer.

Today, if you don’t own an iPhone, you might as well live on another planet.

Apple has set itself up with a double standard; standing out to fit in. This, we will call, the Apple iNomoly.

the Apple catchphrase, “Think Different,” has always been paramount to the Apple experience (which, I will admit, was very lovingly built). But does it really stand the test of time?

Is designing iPhone generations 1-4 to look identical throughout the years setting a precedent for the rest of the industry? Certainly, iPhone took down Blackberry down with an iron fist. But what now?

Let’s play a game called “what generation iPhone is this?” you have two guesses.

This decision lays primarily in the hands of Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Lately it just feels as through Apple has been sitting on its laurels, despite a few interesting tidbits like possible detachable lenses for the upcoming iPhone 5 and, well, that Apple TV thing. Whatever that is.

Apple, simply stated, needs to get back into fighting stance, because before Tim realizes it, the mindless legions of the 1984 Apple superbowl ad could be his own followers.

And I really don’t want to have to be be the weirdo in hotpants wielding a javelin. Really.


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