Incentivize This!; How Sitting on Your Butt All Day Just Got More Rewarding

August 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

“My god, you actually don’t do anything all day!”

That’s what my parents told me the other day.

Maybe saying I do nothing was a bit of an exaggeration on their part; I work three days a week as a marketing intern at the lovely Netprospex, an up- and-coming data prospecting firm. However, I’m not going to lie; the other two days of the week it might not seem like I do much.

At least in the minds of the technological luddites that are my parents.

Computar? Like the kind with tubes that hold the intra-net?

That’s them.

But my friends, I am out to make the pocket change of a lifetime- while not moving an inch the entire time.

enter: the loyalty program.

You have probably heard of them before, especially in terms of credit card reward programs. But get this: the loyalty program is spreading like a virus, to everything from television to app downloads.

In the great words of Apple, “there’s an app for that!”

Want to get paid to watch comedy clips and doing internet searches? Look no further than Swagbucks

How about getting paid for downloading apps on your phone? There’s a program for that, too; Appredeem.

Or for watching TV? It’s called Viggle.

Watching app trailers? App Trailers.

Visiting blogs? PuchTab

You get the idea. And you know I’ve downloaded all of them. ALL of the loyalty apps!


Loyalty programs really prove that when targeting us, marketing has gone hand-in-hand with entertainment and life, and almost seamlessly. And although these apps haven’t quite reached the status of world domination, and few of them have attained mild popularity, I can almost guarantee you that within five years  being a part of a loyalty program for almost everything and anything will become the norm.

Marketers understand the power of incentives like no other, harnessing the power of social interaction in these apps to make them not only connected, but to make them part of an over-archingly greater entertainment experience. (My inner marketing nerd is smiling relentlessly right now)

it’s just like Hamlet said- “TV or not TV, that is the question!”

…wait a second…


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