“Please Make it Stop!”: Why Your Sister’s Obsession With One Direction is Marketing’s Fault

August 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Seriously- she won’t stop talking about stupid One direction. Our family was on vacation and literally the only thing she ever talked about the whole time was One Direction!”

Sound familiar?

According to recent statistics, every one in three girls under the age of 15 is infected with something called the “One Direction Infection” It includes owning at least three posters of the band, talking about the hotness of Harry, and singing “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” until it makes their siblings scream.

Alright, so maybe I made up that statistic (which I did) but it’s here- the latest tween fad, and many of us who have graduated middle school are older are covering our ears for dear life.


Well, you (rather, your sister) can thank ingenious marketing for the spread of the, ahem, one hit wonder.

Ascending to fame from the “American Idol” spin-off show “the X Factor”, preteens ecstatically watched as the members rose to fame, after which they created a band which makes those of us with younger sisters shudder- One Direction. Eep!

If you are one of these unfortunate souls, you are probably asking “but why?” You see nothing spectacular about the band (really, I don’t) and would rather they went the way of the Jonas Brothers.

it’s because of the way they’ve ascended band status- to brand status, and all of their memorabilia is coming to a store near you.

For heaven’s sake, they’re even selling tee shirts with the pictures of the band members on shirts at Delias that say “I love British boys!”

but there’s more to this obsession. Here’s why:

1. British men, well, have an appeal; especially when they’re serenading you about how beautiful you (their audience) are- Think of the Beatles mixed with Lady Gaga and plus some cheese-ball lyrics with a catchy beat and you’ve got One Direction. That being said, these children, growing up with all of these factors as a part of American pre-teen culture, have been baited from birth.

2. It makes them feel good about themselves- listen to the song, and you can tell that the song is addressing what the band thinks is the most beautiful type of girl; one that doesn’t know she’s beautiful. Aww, how sweet, right? Wrong. While it might be a lovely song to teach young girls with an ego that a man won’t want them if they’re full of themselves, look what it does to pre-teen girls who already think a boy would never be in love with them, ever. Keep it up, I like your lack of confidence, poor you who needs a boyfriend!

3. Most pre-teen girls have no dating confidence anyways- uh oh, I think we might have a bit of a predicament here. These girls can’t get boys and want them. So what now?

“Omgz they r so kute! Trololol!”

This, the obsession over the band which drives many of the rest of us AWOL. These groups and their marketers know what these girls want- and they give it to their audience at the cost of the rest of us with currently functional eardrums.

That being said, One Direction absolutely has talent- but the fame level that their brand has made them achieve is much more than most of us will give them credit for.

But that’s what makes them beautiful, Right?! (for your little sister)


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