Confessions of a Non-Olympics Watcher

August 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Okay, fine, I’ll admit it. I don’t care about the Olympics.

Call me strange, but really, I’d much rather watch me some nice Chef Ramsey shows than watch Mitt Romney’s horse do ballet and runners run in circles.

I am in no way denying that these athletes incredibly talented- I wish I could spin in circles while on parallel bars, too. It’s just that the Olympics, well, are boring to me.

So what’s the life of a non-olympics watcher like during the Olympics? Well in the everyday sense, it’s not much different than usual; it’s like almost every other day except when:

1.People ask “did you see that girl last night that did XYZ?”: No, I didn’t, nor do I care much, but thank you for asking! How about we avoid the awkward topic of how little I know about sports and you tell me all about it?

2. Commercials come on featuring all-star Olympians and I have no idea who they are: Usually, somebody in the room follows up by adding “oh wow was that so and so on that ad?” Yeah, I wouldn’t know. Best answer- “hmm I missed it. It could have been!”

3. Advertisers absolutely give up advertising on other channels to put all of the “good” commercials on with the Olympics: As an open marketing dork to whom the ads of the superbowl are more important than the superbowl itself, this is pretty rough. Between uninspiring ad re-runs galore and just uninspiring content outside of the Olympics, my heart is breaking a bit.

4. People ask if you watch the Olympics and you honestly admit you don’t: the conversation usually turns to something like “oh my god do you live under a rock? Then what do you watch?!”

5. There is nothing on TV to watch… well less than usual: How about some re-runs of Hell’s Kitchen for the next few weeks? No? Tough luck! Because that’s ALL that’s ever on.

So while you all watch the olympics, I will proudly express my place as the minority who lives “under a rock” and not watch

Mind you it’s a very nice rock. And it’s well stocked with stuff. Like marketing books and Cheetos.


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