A View of Society From Mars; An Alien’s Perspective

August 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

If Mars aliens were examining us from a space rover, what would they see?

It’s what I’ve been wondering ever since I heard news of the Curiosity rover landing last week, and I’ve come to a conclusion that as an inhabited planet, we must be a fascinating group to watch, just like little ants under a microscope.

While the Mars rover has landed too recently to make any Earth-shattering (haha, get it?) finds, here is what a window into Earth life must look like from the big red planet.

Green, blue, and inflated with cheap goods– That’s us. We may not have a surplus of drinkable water, but we most certainly do have an economy based on plastic rubber duckies and the like. An alien with a microscope may be sufficiently perplexed by an economy that is so grounded that the largest booming businesses are sweatshop factories in China.

A headless-chicken political mentality– Democrat! Republican! Idon’tcareicrat! Although political polarization is nothing new, it has reached what may be considered a new high on the fronts of economic stimulus and social rights. The aliens would probably be moderately interested in this, until the cane-beating begins. It’s just too painful to watch.

Watching people continually running is circles is a popular spectator sport– Whether it be people or cars, society seems to never have lost its penchant for spicing up the mundane. As civilized creatures, we have managed to make sports a transcendent experience, especially through marketing and social media. Like an athlete? Follow them on one of a variety of social network, buy their autographed memorabilia or follow their blog. Sports are not just about sport- they are about experience.

Everyone is a stalker, but it’s considered socially acceptable– Did you know that your mom is in the kitchen peeling potatoes right now? I don’t actually know her, but that’s what her status says! In todays society, we are all human radio towers, broadcasting our personal lives to,well, everyone. The line between personal and public is now shrinking, for better or worse, and it is not infrequent to have friends ask you about the party a friend of a friend had. How did they know? Oh,right.

If you think Mars is a strange place to visit, you should take a second look at Earth- scrap the telescope and look at a bunch of squiggles called writing which you are reading on a “Blog” which is on the internet which is a series of interconnected tubes (am I right?) An outside-of the box perspective is the lifeblood of innovation.

And if you happen to be a Mars alien, feel free to correct me.

Also, I want your autograph.


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