‘Tis the Season For Cleanly Shaven Legs. And Some Marketing Razorburn.

May 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Know what Spring means? Time for dresses and shorts- and, of course, razors. Already, brands like Schick and Gillette are duking it out over the hotly contested territory that is your legs. Those are prime real-estate in this season- and all these brands want to do is find their way into your hands first.

In such a highly commoditized product category, these companies are feeding the madness of product competition. And I’m about to help.

Introducing: the Razor face-off. Is there actually a notable difference between razors, or are we actually just buying the marketing?

We begin with the first company to land itself a spot in my shower, Schick.

As I mention in the video, while Schick is duking it out in the severely red ocean that is razor sales, the brand has done something notably unique to distinguish itself from the crowd in-hand. The handle seems to be curved in a more ergonomic fashion- or at least what seems to try to be ergonomics. This, however creates more discomfort for the user than meets the eye.

What the razor has going for it? Super-smart moisture positioning. With a moisturizing serum surrounding the blades and a moisture strip below the blades, Schick clearly looked at how we women use razors. Usually a victim of severe klutziness, this brand-new razor’s setup even saved me from knicking myself.

But still, I have to ask: why the wonky grip. But really, whose idea was it, and why did so much comfort have to be spoiled by appearance (I know this is the motto of fashion and all, but I just wanted a nice shave without a hand cramp, goddmit)

Schick Hydro Silk score: 7.5/10

(Please note that I received this object as a free trial and this is not a paid endorsement)


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