The Ugly Reality of the Economy Needs a Facelift

May 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

I woke up this morning with a very frightening realization of my reality in Marketing- the world, more often than not, is against me and my field.

Perhaps it’s a bit of a pessimistic view, and as a general optimist, it struck me. 
All things considered, I really couldn’t be in college at a worse time; although unemployment is continuing to drop, it still remains at around 8%, and the number of underemployed individuals even after they have graduated from college is staggering. According to the Center For College Affordability, 48% of college graduates are in jobs that don’t require college degrees. Yikes.

This is a reality that I can personally attest to, as well- one of my friends who graduated from Emerson College’s marketing program ended up resorting back to the minimum wage job that she held before college, and moved back with her family permanently for financial reasons. Even realistically, she was one of the lucky ones who was able to afford four years of education at a private university- three of my close friends have recently deferred from school due to the state of the economy, two of which have unfortunately had no other option but to completely drop out.

This is the world I live in, and despite the odds, I was convinced for the last two years that my college education would allow me to land an agency internship by my Junior year. My optimism did not hold up, and while I am honored to have an internship at all this summer, it is not what I had expected.

In my field of marketing, more specifically branding, the world is a place that won’t just open doors for you- especially without connections. My connections being dominated by classmates of my own age, it is enough to say that I won’t be given a managerial position any time soon (not that my current level of education warrants it), let alone any kind of lucrative marketing position -well- anywhere.

But enough of the pity party. So maybe the world won’t just open the doors to me despite how hard I may struggle to make my mark in a world that has already had every inch of it covered with people more well-connected and talented than I am. Maybe I will just have to break down the doors myself.

The question being- how do I and others like myself move one once we know the sobering facts? Should I personally stick my head between my legs and never show my face to the world again? I sure want to. But it’s not an option, and doing so would mean becoming submissive to a world that is bent against my favor. 

Maybe it will kick me in the face, but more than anything, I would like to shape the world into a way such that it will be favorable for not only myself, but my generation. A generation of talents that would otherwise be lost on a world already crippled by a poor financial state and closed doors.

Maybe all of us just need to pave our own way, creating our own business and stimulus for the economy in a back-door kind of way. I’m all for it.

Let’s get the pry bar.


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§ One Response to The Ugly Reality of the Economy Needs a Facelift

  • Melanie is actually a very talented student, and as her former professor I can state categorically that she has a unique set of tech, creative and communications skills that ensure a very bright future for her, irrespective of external economic conditions! It will come down to choice… her choices in terms of where she seeks to apply her skills and talents. Keep at it Melanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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