So Maybe Facebook isn’t Doomed

May 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Let me take back what I have already previously stated; Facebook, I can tell you right now, isn’t doomed. They’re on the move.

Although I was personally bent to believe that Facebook was going down the path to destruction after the initial release of the IPO, a month later I have no other option but to correct myself. Why?

Within the last few weeks, Facebook has done more than change the layout of their search (again) and introduced the moderately questionable graph search- they’ve truly taken a step to salvage themselves from self-destruction; and it’s come in the form of mobile.

Although I can’t necessarily sing praises about the new setup of the site, changes which were inevitable and I believe slightly unnecessary, I do have to compliment their relatively new take on mobile.

I know I might get some flak for this, but I believe Facebook is actively changing their status from a platform from which a user one logs into other, more niche platforms into a more modernized iteration of what it has always been; a way to quickly and easily build and maintain friendships and relationships.

Although Facebook’s current mobile strategy is far from perfect (bubbles? Really?), it is apparent that Facebook is no longer in a state of stagnation, but on the move to define itself as a key facet of any relationship. Realizing how slow and outdated their app was, Facebook re-designed the mobile site to become a more user-friendly iteration of the full site- fragmenting site extensions into individual, more clean-cut apps. For your pages, try the app for page manager. Want to make your messages more accessible on-the-go? There’s the messenger for that.

But one has to wonder- is breaking up the app actually going to encourage more usage or just confusion? As I believe, both.

While Facebook is most clearly making an effort to polish their offerings on mobile, it is curious as to why it couldn’t be done in one single, all-inclusive and optimized app. Perhaps they know something we don’t. Or maybe they’re just right, and we all just need to catch up to their level. Regardless, I can’t say I am a fan of it.

Judge me if you’d like- but I actually do like the new messenger app; to an extent. While I do think the profile bubbles make access to the messaging app radically better, the execution of the app is, er, lacking. The bubbles truly have no spacial perception of your phone, and they will not hesitate to pop up on the side of the screen when you are trying to zoom in on fine details and block your way- until you have to forcibly drag them down the screen. I also take problem with the inherent size of these bubbles- on an iPhone, they will eat up your screen space without second thought.

Plus, for the love of God, they are bubbles- can I just have the option to pop them.

All on all, I have reason to give Facebook the benefit of the doubt- as long as they keep moving towards innovation, I see them continuing on as the omnipresent force that they are.

Now, about that Facebook phone…


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