MelanieKatz.blogspot is now Marquetting.blogspot!

June 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

As you all know, changing the name of anything, let alone your blog, can be risky business. However, in light of expanding this blog from less of a “me” project and more of a platform for you, I have made the decision of changing this blog’s name from “MelanieKatz” to “Marquetting” (pronounced “marketing”)

Over time, marketing has earned itself a les than glamorous reputation for shoving products down the throats of consumers, but I believe that this newest generation of marketers can be the ones to usher in a new decade in marketing; marketing with a transparent soul.

The new name Marquetting centers around this concept, adding some of the class back to the reputation of marketing

But this isn’t Madison Avenue- laughing is permitted.

“what is this ‘laughing’ you speak of?”

In fact, it is encouraged! Just as we encourage you, the rising stars of marketing to tell us the latest trends.

In the words of Heidi Klum of Project Runway, Marketing is “in”, and you are all leading the charge.

I hope to direct this site at the students and emerging marketers and business men and women, so that we can build the new transparent face of marketing together.




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